Rivalry in Authority

by Travesty Of Mankind

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Justin McNeil
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Justin McNeil This EP is fucking massive. These songs have been stuck in my head all week. When listening to TOM I'm not sure whether to party or mosh. Favorite track: Briana Rea VincentCunt.


released June 24, 2016




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Mortuus Music Converse, Texas

Mortuus Music is a label dedicated to releasing the heaviest, most punishing and groovy bands in the outsider musician community. For fans of music outside of the overproduced industry standard!

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Track Name: Chicken Farm Trap House
Is the world around me filled with philosophical zombies
I want to know if these people are real
My closest friends, the ones I consider family
Is this the test of God in disguise?
In the path that I am subconsciously forced to follow
What are my real intentions?
My state of mind is faithful to a higher being
He has spoken to me in ways greater than exclamation

Creativity spawns uniquely from inside of us
What if the unique is artificially made
By something much higher than the human hand
Are the eyes so visible in nature blind to reality
I wonder back and forth, mental abuse
Auditory waves of sound bounce one time
Only to be replayed in a constant loop
I will never forget the torture of being myself

Father and mother how will I ever know
If the history wasn't a better time
Without me in existence
Without me to be a burden
Without me to ruin your life
Without a need to bring your own down
I was a part of you but now I've grown away
I feel that I was only made to benefit you
Track Name: Sooperfuqboi64
If I killed myself I wouldn't be remembered
I would be just another kid in the obituary
Of a paper only the elderly would read
They would probably feel sad for a couple of seconds
Then forget what they've just read and move on to their deathbeds
After the age, they would forget the name

18 Years for nothing in a small town just to die by my own hand
What a fucking waste of air and conversation
I'm not another product of pointless punishment
Actually that's exactly what I am

Another product of the brainwashed world

Ever since I was a child, I planned on this
And that day God told me to run for my dreams
I did what was necessary, I did what I dreamed
And I did what I was told would never become
By my father backed up by my mother
Fuck everything they had to say

could have gone without their hatred

I could have gone without it all
every hatful word they've said to me about what I believe
I could have gone without it

But I have to realize that my life would not have been the same without the pain
Track Name: Briana Rea VincentCunt
You are nothing
But a fucking parasite
that feeds off of my soul
Listen to me
You're a sick and twisted entity taken form as a human
To dish out
Shit that you can't even fucking take
Ive never been
Filled witH amger like this before

18 Horrid years of torture and misery
I was always the problem in you're life
Everything would have been perfect without me around to ruin your life

Why the hell didn't you just have an abortion
I'm sitting in sorrow
Just let this end

But you love me to death
What a fucking lie
You only love what conviniences you
You only care about what makes you're life better
And that obiously isn't my existance
on this earth
I've done wrong
Just by living in the same house as you

There was a point that I would forget about the abusive relationship that we have
The way you called me worthless
The way you called me nothing
Fuck you and what you've done to my head
Track Name: Mandingo Party At Jaycee
Breakthrough to the side that resembles the truth
There are cults and we can see them plainly
The weak hearted are blinded by false dreams
Struck by the glamour cast out by evil

Trust is a priority when growing
If something stays broken, it will never progress
There is a fixer in existence, I have found
One that I based my entire life around
Listen to these words that I speak

Some things are made for personal exploration
A true opinion comes from a personal experience

Without substance the Passover lamb will speak to you just open your heart
Close your eyes and feel beyond the world with us

Breath into and devour my soul, hold me forever
Through all of my sin and trials I stand by you